For Suppliers

PolSEFFalso supports and promotes manufacturers and vendors of energy efficient equipment and renewable energy technologies.

As manufacturer of equipment included on the LEME list, you benefit through:

  1. Increased brand awareness and the creation of a positive image of your company and your products. 
  2. Certification that your product meets the highest energy efficiency standards, as each product on the LEME list is reviewed and approved by a Certified Energy Experts.
  3. Your customer is eligible for a 10% discount if he purchases your equipment through the LEME list.

Do you want to know more about how you can use the PolSEFFprogramme to promote your products? Instructions can be viewed in the Guide for Suppliers to be downloaded on the right hand side panel.

To register materials or equipment on the LEME list - click here

Guide for Suppliers

In the below “Guide for Suppliers of Energy Efficient Materials and Equipment”, we present opportunities and instructions on how to maximize benefits of being a PolSEFF2 supplier of products registered on the LEME list. Please click on the image below to open and download the Guide.