LEME product categories

On this page we present the current structure of main equipment categories listed on the LEME list and available for free registration of energy efficient materials and equipment offered by suppliers.  

Information for entrepreneurs who search the LEME list for materials and equipment: 

In the product search window only those equipment categories are visible which contain at least one product registered by a supplier. 

In case an entrepreneur would like to finance within the  PolSEFFprogram a purchase of a specific product which corresponds with one of the equipment categories presented in the LEME structure diagrams below, but cannot find this category in the website product search tool, he needs to ask a supplier of this product to register it on the LEME list. In case of any question related to a product registration on the LEME list please contact Michal Smola. Contact details are available on the contact page.     

LEME categories structure (status June 2015)